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The 'Spiritual Development School' is an established school focused on the Development of Mediumship and Psychic skills. Here we offer you a variety of closed mediumship development & trance development circles and workshops. Our aim is to support & assist you in all aspects of your spiritual unfoldment, with knowledgable and experienced mediums & teachers. Whilst within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  (Based in and around Norfolk)

 We also offer 'Spirit by the Sea' Residential Weekends. Where you are able to focus solely upon your spiritual & mediumistic development for the entire weekend. These weekends' are based in Gt Yarmouth and offer courses with differing teams of tutors. You will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the UK's finest tuition from some of this country's most experienced, knowledgable & inspiring mediums and teachers. We also try our best to keep the cost of these weekends as low we can. In the hope that as many people as possible are able to benefit from these superb opportunities, as well as enjoying be able to meet others of like mind too.   

Whether you choose to join us in any Spiritual Development School circles or events, Or at 'Spirit by the Sea'. Our desire is to nurture the spiritual gifts & abilities of individuals wanting to properly develop and truly understand them. Whether students are beginners or advanced, we offer tuition suitable for all levels of understanding. Primarily focusing on psychic & mediumistic development, as well as the unfoldment and understanding of trance mediumship too. Our aim is always to help you enhance these abilities and to find the confidence to embrace and understand them. As well as to work at discovering & unfolding the spirit within too. Development of self is so very important. It is a real opportunity to improve our own lives and is often and without doubt, life changing in various and in a vast amount of ways. With experienced and knowledgable tutors, who each all have a supportive and down to earth approach. Students are always made to feel welcome and supported, and always in a friendly & relaxed atmosphere. Circles are intentially small enough to insure that individuals always get the support and tuition that they require.

If you are looking to begin or further your spiritual development, unfoldment & understanding. Whether a complete novice or advanced within your mediumship - We will certainly have something that will help you to move forwards and deepen your knowledge and understanding. And because every student does matter, we will endevour to work with you to provide teachings and support that will be beneficial and suitable for your needs. 


Also Available.

Based in Norfolk, we also offer workshops at the Broom Hall Country Hotel (Nr Watton) where you will find workshops focused on an interesting variety of subjects. Details can be found on the Broom Hall Day & Weekend Programme page.

'Spirit by the Sea' Residential Weekends. At the Nelson Hotel (Gt Yarmouth) Offer you weekends focusing on different types of psychic & mediumistic development. On these weekends we are joined by a variety of visiting international mediums & tutors who are among some of the best within the UK and beyond. These popular weekends are a great way to meet others with the same interests and to enjoy  some of the UK's best teaching on offer.



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