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The Spiritual Development School believes that everyone is as unique as their differing gifts & abilities. We need to view those gifts as a natural part of us. Whilst also remembering that they are special, needing to be carefully explored and nurtured. Only then can we truly reach our full potential.

At times we can all find spiritual development confusing. This can happen at any time, whether you are at the very start of your journey or are in the situation where you have a good understanding of your gifts, but have come to an abrupt stand still.  There are many, manys reasons why we encounter such problems. It is then that it is vital for students to have access to teachers who can properly guide and support them. Helping the student to understand what is occuring and how to overcome the situation.

Correct teaching is key. When students are subject to teaching that is offered without a solid background of true knowledge and understanding in how mediumship and the psychic facultiies actually work, it often causes the student to rush quickly forwards, but to then suddenly come to a rather abrupt stop. When this occurs, the student simply stands still and is unable to progress. If not properly helped the students finds themselves stagnating. Their confidence quickly begins to fail and a deep frustration sets in.

The S.D.S. doesn't believe in constant pushing and dictorial teaching methods. All here exercise gentle encouragment and fully understand that in order to truly flourish & grow, each student needs to be able to learn in a calm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Where they feel safe in the knowledge that they are being guided by knowledgable and caple tutors.

All of our tutors have been working as mediums and teachers in their own right for many years. Each has a great deal of knowledge and experience to share with every student.  Whether within a circle, workshop or on a course, students will be treated as individuals. Tutors will work with them to suit their own personal needs & requirements. Every tutor shares the desire to help students to truly flourish. Always aiming for the student to enbrace every chllange and victory, whilst confidently making constant strides forward within their development.

We offer a variety of circles, workshops & courses. Each designed around all types of mediumship and spiritual unfoldment. As well as suitable for any level of understanding or ability. From the very beginnings of your journey, understanding basic psychic abilities & teqniques, moving into mediumship, and getting that first contact! To courses concentrating on enhancing your skills in spirit communication, including inspirational speaking, platform work, private sittings, prayer, the address and confidence building.

The development of Trance mediumship is also offered within the S.D.S. circles, workshops and on several of our Broom Hall weekends. Discover the discipline of sitting for trance development, understanding the first stages of altered awareness, and moving into the trance states. We will constantly be working at strengthening your connection to those higher minds within the spirit world, bringing through a more pure communication. Which will help all students to grow in confidence and self belief, allowing them to bring through those truths and the shared wisdom of our spirit friends into our world. 

 Sonia Johnson




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