Introducing the Spiritual Development School's

 Teaching Team 

  Founder of the SDS:  Sonia Driscoll

Sonia has been a working medium for many years. Teaching & demonstrating throughout the Uk as well as overseas. In the past she also worked at and became an approved tutor of the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted. She first walked into a Spiritualist church at the age of 14 and began her own mediumistic development aged 22. She enjoys all aspects of mediumship, especially philosophy. At present she is enjoying working with & focusing on the fasinating practices of Kriya Yoga. 

However above all else, it is teaching that is of most importance to her. Sonia has always enjoyed watching students learn to use their gifts and discover thier own true potential, whilst ensuring that they also focus on their own personal spiritual evolvement too. 

Due to the sudden onset of health issues a few years ago, Sonia decided to concentrate on running workshops, courses and circles in her local area of Norfolk. Unable to keep up with local demand, she decided to found the Spiritual Development School, and over time has carefully chosen experienced & talented tutors to work along side her teaching within the various development circles within the school.

Sonia also organises day & weekend workshops at the Broom Hall Country Hotel, near Watton, Norfolk where students can also enjoy the teachings of various visiting tutors and a variety of subjects. including the development of Mediumship, Trance, Palmistry, Shamanic work, Kriya Yoga & Trance Healing. (For details see the Broom Hall Workshops & Weekends Programme page)

On our workshops & weekends Students have the fantastic opportunity to experience teaching from tutors who are some of the UK's most eminant & talented mediums of our time. Sonia is completely focused on providing quality teaching and believes that this is needed to produce tomorrows mediums. She says "Mediumship is very popular at this time. It's vital that we help mediums develop to a high standard though. We've all seen fresh mediums working that are far from ready and our doing the reputation of mediumship and Spiritualism a real dis-service. Unfortunatly we are also seeing some of those mediums suddenly deciding to begin teaching too, which is even more disappointing as it's often people like myself who end up picking up the pieces when things go wrong. By bringing together skilled and properly experienced mediums and teachers, I hope that we can start to show students that they need to demand high standards as well, and not to be decieved by those who simply try and immitate what we already do"  

Sonia is determined to help sincere seekers of spiritual development & unfoldment to benefit from her hard work and dedication. The wish is and will always be to play a part in helping others to be of great benefit to thier fellow man and to become the future ambassadors on the spirit worlds behalf.

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Meet the 'Spiritual Development School's Tutors.

S.D.S. Circle & Spiritual Healing Group Tutor:

Donna Waring

Donna has been involved in Spiritualism and mediumistic development for many years. A gifted healer, with all aspects of healing being a particular love of hers, Donna works not just as a registered Spiritual Healer, but is also an inspiring teacher of the subject. Helping students to learn the art of Spiritual healing and aiding them to also become registered healers under the umbrella of the Norfolk Federation of Spiritual Healers. Within the S.D.S. she also enjoys teaching within the mediumship development circles too. A talented speaker herself, she is extremely proficient in teaching students inspiration and speaking skills. Donna is a really dynamic & talented teacher, down to earth & always fun to be around. This makes her a very popular & much loved tutor amongst all of the S.D.S. students.


S.D.S. Circle Tutor:  Caroline Byard:

Caroline has been aware of the spirit world since childhood. She began to seriously focus on her own spiritual development over 28 years ago, when she was invited to join a home circle to develop mediumship and healing. Around that time she was also invited to join a circle within the Durham Spiritualist Church under the umbrella of the SNU. Caroline shares along with Sonia & Donna the firm foundations of education and development within Spiritualism that they all recall and fondly refer to as 'old school'. I was very fortunate she says. When I first entered into spiritual development, it was at a time when you had to wait to be invited into a circle. It was a real honour and you treasured every second on it. The teaching was strict and disiplined, but it made me really focus on my development. It is something that if we really commit to it, the deep knowledge & true understanding we form, can bring students such a deep joy and an upliftment that they can carry into their everyday life. Exploring spiritual understandings can bring such a positive change into a person's life. 

She moved back to Norfolk in 1997, and since returning has become experienced in healing, church platform work, one to one readings and home circles. She says; "I needed a serious refresh in my mediumship and to restore my faith, so about 2 and a half years ago I found my way to Sonia and her Spiritual Development School ". Her years of working & experience along with a generous nature, made her without doubt someone who had become the perfect teacher. Welcomed into the S.D.S. team, she now runs her own mediumship development circle within the school. Caroline is a gifted medium who works effortlessly with the spirit world. Her honset, kind & compassionate nature makes her an excellent, inspiring teacher. Running her own mediumship development group under the S.D.S. umbrella in Burnham Thorpe, Nr Fakenham, Norfolk. Her students are all flourishing under her guidence and will without doubt, become some of our finest mediums of tomorrow.

Caroline is also qualified as a Reiki Master, in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression using Hypnotherapy.

The Spiritual Development School's Visiting Tutors


Visiting Tutor: Simone Key (Minister) 

Simone is a Minister and approved teacher of the Spiritualists National Union, holding the diploma for Basic Foundation (Academic) Public Speaking, and certificate of recognition for Demonstrating (Evidential Mediumship) Public Speaking and other awards also.
Simone has been involved in mediumship for over 20 years and has been a tutor, course organiser and works extensivly at the very respected Arthur Findlay College, Stansted since the mid 90s.  Simone is a respected demonstrator of different types of mediumship, working throughout the UK and with in many locations frequently throughout the world.  Sought after for her teaching skills, Simone is always an inspirational teacher, willing to share her wealth of experience and knowledge with students. 

Her selfless nature enables her to concentrate fully on each individual student, helping each and every one to develop and reach their full potential.

One of Simone's real passions is to teach teachers, supporting and guiding their development.  She is without doubt a leading light in teaching and spiritualism, her love for the spirit world and her passion shines through.
Original, innovative, driven and dynamic are all words that best describe Simone.  Trance, trance healing and spiritual healing are also a very important part of Simone's work within mediumship. Skilled and hard working, Simone has always put her students needs first and is a teacher who gives whatever is necessary to help further her student's development. A close friend of the SDS, We are always thrilled to have her as part of our team. 

For more information on Simone, visit her at



 Visiting Tutor: Colin Bates (Minister)

Colin is a Tutor and Course Organiser of the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, a Spiritualist Minister and SNU Award holder. As well as a Tutor & demonstrator at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, Belgrave Square, London. A Registered Spiritualist Healer and a public demonstrator of mediumship as well as working Internationally teaching and lecturing on mediumistic development for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Colin is a sincere individual who approaches his teaching with honesty and sensitivity. His prime focus is to encourage each person to embrace their humility and spirituality by discovering their true sense of self within their mediumistic development.

His understanding of healing and harmony, blending and linking, allows him to offer a wealth of experience presented in a simple and yet illuminating manner. He encourages students to recognise their strenghs, and how to create the conditions necessary to build or fine tune their spiritual and mediumistic abilities. Colins students in the UK and abroad always find him to be generous of spirit with a huge sense of fun and caring nature. Colin is sincere and serious in his endeavour to promote Spiritualism, Spirituality and Mediumship in a professional and focused way, with compassion and patience. Coin is a great asset to our team.

For more information on Colin, visit him at



Visiting Tutor: David Schiesser

David Schiesser’s enthusiasm is infectious. His passion for mediumship and his want to teach & share his knowledge is 2nd to none. David works as a medium in his own right, teaching & demonstrating around the UK & Overseas. Originally from Switzerland, David worked hard hosting his own teaching events, courses & circles. He has now relocated to the UK and is enjoying continuing his work as a medium here, sharing his experience & teaching techniques once again. 

David shares a common bond with our other Tutors here. He see’s the real importance in truly understanding the mechanics of mediumship, and being able to show & express those to others. Trance mediumship is a true passion for him. The bringing about of the ‘presence & closeness of spirit’ is what inspires and ignites him and his deep desire to help others become the mediums of today. With his down to earth & easy going approach, he has become a popular visitor within the S.D.S. 

Each student who spends time learning with David, can be assured that they will receive supportive & encouraging teaching, where David’s nurturing approach will always bring out  a students best qualities.



Visiting Tutor: Jacqui Lade.

Jacqui has been interested in the workings of mediumship for many years. After venturing into a Spiritualist church and finding that what she experienced deeply resonated within her. She set out to discover more. Embarking upon her own development Jacqui discovered quickly that she was a natural medium and flourished under the guidance of her close friend and now colleague, medium & tutor Pat Smith.

Deeply interested in the psychology of mediumship and it’s development, as well as working and teaching within the Trance & altered states. A gifted healer, enjoying working and teaching with Trance Healing, as well as all aspects associated within the Trance states.

Open to exploring other understandings and beliefs within other cultures also, particularly Shamanic practices and recently sharing along with Sonia, they have embarked on the study of Kriya Yoga.  Jacqui has an incredible understanding of the mechanics in the development of trance mediumship. Fun, down to earth and always with a very open approach towards her students. Often working alongside Pat (Smith) the duo are regular visitors to the SDS and always prove popular with all they meet.


 Specialist Guest Tutor: Johnny Fincham.

Johnny is a professional Palmist, writer and yoga teacher. Through what he describes as an amazing co-incidence, he stumbled into the trade of palmistry. “Though a total sceptic, I met a world- class palmist who convinced me of its value and educated me in its subtle intricacies” Since that time Johnny has studied the art of hand reading. Discovering more and more ways to decipher an individuals hands and their meaning. He has become a modern day pioneer in it’s study and shares his knowledge through his dynamic and creative way of teaching. Running his own diploma courses, as well as working extensively throughout the UK and many destinations over seas. He has enjoyed much success as a writer and encouraged by this success he has also written several popular books on the subject of Palmistry. He explains that he wrote these books out of sheer frustration at the mass of books out there. His latest book is a fascinating look at ‘Spiritual Palmistry’ (Check out Johnny’s website or Amazon) “The palm presents us with a formidable map where all our inner terrain is revealed. Our potentials and fears, our relationship with our parents, our sensitivity, drives and impulses are all uncovered. The dermatoglyphics (the finger and palm prints) are hugely significant in modern diagnosis, showing our habitual thought processes. These patterns, in conjunction with finger development and lineal formations are unique to every individual and it’s essential we are aware of what our own psychological blue-prints are. In my workshops, I can teach you how to discern the deeper patterns  in your own, or anyone’s palm


 Visiting Tutor: Mark Stone

Fast becoming an S.D.S students favourite. Mark Stone is an excellent Medium & Teacher, working for over 20 years, both throughout the UK and abroad teaching and demonstrating Mediumship. He is a Reiki Practitioner, Teacher & Master. Also running lcourses on various forms of Mediumship, Tarot and Reiki. He has served in several spiritual organisations & church committees; taught numerous church & private circles; taken seminars on stress management and meditation for the Dorset Police Service, Liverpool Victoria, Bournemouth & Poole College, as well providing many talks and lectures for private & public groups
“Development of spirituality,  psychic and mediumistic awareness and ability, are of universal interest.  I believe in ‘rational spiritualism’, where we should look to explore the truth and reality of spiritual experience rather than follow the myths and misconceptions that seem so prevalent in spiritualism and it's teachings today. In my twenties, I undertook many years of extra training at the Arthur Findlay College (Stansted Hall) and continued to work very closely with Glyn Edwards at several seminars, until Glyn's sad passing. With his honest and down to earth approach and a superb understanding of the development of mediumship, students always gain great benefits from Mark’s warm personality and great depth of knowledge.                        

For more information on Mark, you can visit him at &


Specialist Visiting Tutor:  Lynn Cottrell

Lynn has over 25 years experience as a demonstrating medium and teacher and considers herself privileged to work with the spirit world as a Spirit Artist. Recently becoming a Tutor and now a course organiser at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted. Blessed with the beautiful gift of being able to work directly with the spirit world to provide communication in the form of bringing evidence of survival, and at the same time being able to draw the images of the faces, of those communicating with her. The pictures Lynn produces provide some of the most excellent proof of survival as well as great deal comfort to loved ones here, as they watch the faces of their departed loved ones, reproduced quickly & skilfully in front their very eyes!  This means that Lynn’s mediumistic skills are keenly sought after. Working extensively throughout the UK, more & more are discovering her talents, with frequent invitations to travel overseas now taking up much of Lynn’s life.  Lynn loves to teach & share her talents, always with patience and a natural ability to inspire others and through art and creativity. She also very much enjoys teaching demonstrating mediumship, trance and healing. Her interests also include Native American and the Shamanic pathway. The team here are really thrilled to have her on board, knowing that students will benefit greatly from her teaching and will certainly be amazed at watching her demonstrate the exciting & wondrous gift of Spirit Art!


  Specialist Visiting Tutor:  Vera Proudlove.

Vera has used shamanic journeying to help her on her spiritual pathway for more than 20 years. She has been running journeying groups for around 15 years and has for the last couple of years been teaching aspects of the 'Medicine Wheel' to mostly to groups of women. Vera is a healer and has taught both healing and counselling skills to other budding healers and mediums. She worked and studied for many years in the mental health field, and well knows & understands the many distresses that so many people experience, with constant feelings of isolation and separateness. This had led to her belief in the power of the circle and of community. She is passionate about the development of peoples personal power and feels that we cannot help others without first looking after and into ourselves. She has been constantly drawn to the shamanic path, as she fully believes that this has helped her to know and love herself better, and to therefore be far more authentic in her interactions with others. Vera has an extremely deep and  strong connection to nature and all its creatures, and is passionate in her endeavours to help others gain awareness of this connection and to be inspired by it within their own lives by it also. All here at the SDS agree that it Vera is an incredibly knowledgable, wise & humble lady, and that time spent with Vera will always proves invaluable.




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